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Score one for learning! *haha*

Well, I am def. behind the times I know, but for me it was a big accomplishment tonight!: I finally figured out how to use a tool on my laptop to get screencaps!!! Who knew it was really so easy?...Ok, so obviously a lot of people did, but hey- give me a break! *wink*
SO of course I just spent like the last 2 hours getting super sweet caps from a couple of my fav GS episodes. This is def. going to help feed my addiction, but also is one more way/excuse for me to spend hours on my computer - oops! ;) Oh well! It's all in the name of GS, so its all good! I'm really going to have to pace myself here.... *hehe*

Here are a few of my favs of Kitty/Amanda from "Breckinridge". Not too shabby for my first go round!

***lovelovelove it***


Where did the time go?!

It's Friday already?! Can't believe how quickly my Spring Break flew by! I did at least accomplish cleaning out my closet, which was a HUGE feat, considering I hadn't done anything with it but keep shoving clothes in there as I lost weight and got new ones ;) It was a nice ego booster to try on a bunch of stuff and not have it fit me at all! But on the other hand, I had to think of all the $ down the drain....Oh well! But I guess, losing 60 lbs should cut back on my medical bills in the future right? ;)

So Spring Break recap: Went to a bachelorette party on Saturday/Sunday, closet cleaning extravaganza on Monday, gym every day until yesterday (oops), hung out with friends on Wed. for "wine and movie night", babysat my little bro yesterday and will again this afternoon, and got some other random errands accomplished...not too shabby, all in all....

However- I did NOT get a chance to just veg on the couch and catch up on my Gunsmoke viewing!!! Which was practically the one thing I was looking forward to the most! ;) It seemed like every time I got ready to sit down and pop in a DVD, something came up. Last night though, I did get to spend some quality time watching a few episodes with my Mama, my newest convert to the show (of course she watched GS as a little girl, but I recently opened her eyes to the real relationship between M&K, so it's like she is seeing them in a different light *wink*). We watching Kitty's Rebellion, Sky (season 4), Help Me Kitty, and Big Man Big Target (season 10). I'm hoping to get a chance to watch several more eps this afternoon while my little brother is napping, but as he doesn't always like to cooperate there, we shall just see how things go.....

Oh! And I did get both of my Red Skelton DVDs featuring Amanda this week, so those were a treat to watch! So cute and funny, only complaint is that I wish I had more ;)

*AB touring with Dennis and Milburn...she wears an outfit like this in one of the Red Skelton sketches! Rrroooww! *hehe* 

3 more days!

Yep- 3 days to go til Spring Break! The kiddos are hanging in there, but I can tell they're getting restless. I bribed them with earning a movie on Friday- They have to "earn" the letters of SPRING by Friday morning to get it, and so far they've been working pretty hard at it, so fingers crossed! ;)

Anyhoo- had a pretty good day today: Finally found this OPI nail polish I have been searching for forever! "Mad as a Hatter" from their Alice in Wonderland collection- it's amazing and it was sold out everywhere! Thank goodness for my random stop at some hair place in the mall that had it- love love love it! Found some cute new heels to where with my outfit for my friend's bachelorette party this weekend- excited!  Went to Borders cause I had to buy a book for one of my students, and I browsed around the bargain section as always while I was there, hoping to score some GS related material that got tucked away over there. No such luck, sadly, but on a better note, I did find an awesome coffee table book of Elizabeth Taylor info and amazing pictures! Been enjoying it all night....while I watched a few season 4 episodes of GS just to heighten the experience *wink*

*love her cute, short, tousseled hair here!*

AND-tonight I stumbled across 2 dvds of the "Red Skelton Show", both with episodes featuring Amanda!!! Score! I had to order them, but they were a steal- now I just have to wait, ever so impatiently for them to arrive....*sigh* Hopefully they will be here sometime during my break, as I plan to binge on GS/AB related material, along with some John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara gems, and catch up on my MGM musicals as well....clearly a super productive week I have planned *hehe* I'll throw in some spring cleaning and school work while I'm at it, promise ;)

 *adore her pouty look here!*

And the countdown begins!

Spring Break is almost here! One thing I do love about teaching is getting that nice little week off in March- and by golly, students and teachers alike need it! ;) After all the state testing, the kids are restless and so am I, and we need a nice little reprieve from each other by now.

SO- needless to say, these last 5 days coming up are gonna be a little rough- hard to keep myself and the youngin's motivated. But I get to look forward to a whole week of quality GS viewing time and that will keep me trucking on ;) I just finished all my wonderful M&K moments DVDs- loved them of course! Now it's back to season by season viewing, starting in on season 4. And of course season 8 and 9 are on Encore Westerns right now and season 12, although a little "chopped up" for my taste, is on TVLand too, so it will be like a smorgasbord of GS for me! *loves it*

Sidenote: This afternoon I was in a Shakespearean mood, and decided to watch Kiss Me Kate and The Taming of the Shrew, starring respectively, Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I hadn't watched either one in awhile, and didn't "forget" how much I loved the movies and actors, but was just happily reminded again ;) I love when that happens. And I had a nice "Girls Night Out" last night, followed by a delicious brunch of choc. chip pancakes, and equally delicious afternoon of classic flicks, so all in all, it was a fab weekend! ;)


Doctor Feelgood......

Just some Saturday mid-morning musings ;).......

I just love Doc Adams these days! *wink* I've been watching M&K moments, and of all the other GS characters, Doc always strikes me as the one who most understands Matt and Kitty's relationship and really brings it out in the "open" the most. I know it's all about the subtext in this show, but just comments that he makes to them and to other characters show how he "gets" its and I think is really a champion for their love.

(entering the Long Branch) Doc: "I tell ya- it's awful nice to come in here and find everything so peacable. I'm tired."

Kitty: "Well, I run a very law abiding place!"

Doc: "Well, yes, I notice this is where the law abides most of the time!" (eyeing Matt, at Kitty's side)
*3-26-10: Discovered the dialogue is from the episode "Cherry Red", season 5. Thanks Tay! ;)


So this is not my usual posting style but...;).............

I've officially lost 60 pounds!!!!!

Finally! That last 3 lbs or so was a b*%&$! But I finally got there and made my goal! I wouldn't usually post about stuff like this, you know GS and random thoughts are my usual fare, and this is seemingly unconnected to Matt or Miss Kitty *wink*, but it has been a long road so I gotta brag on myself a little ;)

I've struggled with my weight all my life and I finally made the comittment to really do something about it back in August. A dear friend of mine asked me to be in her wedding and I just didn't want to be the "big girl in a bridesmaid's dress" once again. My sister had been hinting for me to join WeightWatchers with her, and so I finally caved and decided to really work for it. I started WW in Aug. and joined a local gym in Oct. I started out only going 3 days a week and it was def. rough! But I worked my way up to 5-6 times a week and am now really enjoying my exercise.

I made my first goal of 40 lbs lost back in Dec., so I decided to keep going for another 20 and after a rough last couple of weeks, I did it!

I think I'm gonna give myself a little break and just try to maintain for awhile before I go for the next 20 that I want to lose. My friend's wedding is in April and my sister is then getting married in June, so I can take it a little slower from now until those are over.

Now, you may have suspected it might be coming, my GS connection to this whole story: now I'll look HOT when I finally dye my hair red in June (in honor of my daddy's flaming locks and of course gorgeous AB!) and dress up as Miss Kitty this next Halloween! It's gonna be epic!!! ;)

*Feeling as excited as our two love birds here!

And the Oscar goes to...

Caved in and decided to watch the Oscars tonight ;) I do enjoy seeing what everyone is wearing and catching my fav actors as they walk the red carpet. The awards show itself gets a little long and boring at times, but since I'm heading to the gym shortly after is starts, I can probably stand to catch most of it while I'm sweating my a*$ off on the elliptical!

Observations so far: Kathy Ireland as an interviewer? Whose brilliant idea was that? She is annoying the crap out of me! Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet are 2 of my favs and they look amazing! And caught Gerard Butler (yum!) as well..., always a good thing to see ;)

Our gorgeous gal who would look stunning on the red carpet! ;)

Bring on the weekend...please!!!

*Kinda what I felt like doing this week!*

Thank heavens this work week is finally almost over! State-mandated testing at the elementary school level is a nightmare for both students and teachers alike, and I got to have to the "pleasure" of administering those all week to my poor class :( Two 55- min tests a day to 8 and 9 year olds? Blah!!! They were stressed and tired, I was stressed and tired, but it's over and done with now and I get to celebrate the rest of the day by showing them a movie this afternoon as a reward for their hard work. Then I'm gonna give them their sweet treats, sugar em' up, and send them home! *evil grin* Hehe!

I've been lucky enough to be able to unwind for at least a few mins each night, watching my M&K moments dvds, which has been great! Plan on spending the weekend with more GS as I continue to enjoy my way faithfully through the seasons...Awww, Saturday afternoon bliss ;) My mom is getting back in to the show with me as well- yippee! She watched a few with me last weekend and was like, "How did I miss this whole Matt-Kitty love saga the first time around? I guess it was because I was little at the time they were on and didn't pay enough attention." I totally have her hooked now and sold on the obvious true love that is the Marshal and Miss Kitty...*loves it*

Well, guess I better get back to work. Gotta go watch the kids for lunch duty- yeehaw....

P.S.- Mystery of the sweet dress from my last post solved! Thanks again to Tay ;)

quick observations...

Still wondering about the episode with that amazing dress ;) (see previous post)......BUT.....

Watching "Whelan's Men" from season 18 makes me incredibly happy!

1) Love seeing our Miss Kitty dealing cards and talking sass! Nobody does it like her and looks as good in the process!
2) Harrison Ford (whom I have been in love with since I was 13- Indiana Jones, yum!)  graces the screen in the episode as well = BONUS

Tomorrow is Friday which makes me happy! Going out with the girls for the first time in a long time, then shutting myself in for the weekend to watch GS and my two favorite love birds ;) Might get a chance to watch a few with my Grandpa, the man who started my love affair with GS in the first place- good times, good times!

Looking for some help!

Hey fellow GS/Kitty fans! Anyone know what episode this pic came from?

I got it from your wonderful page Tay, but I wasn't sure how to let you know which pic I was talking about in a post so....I thought I'd put it out there and see if you can tell me this way...haha! Or any other knowledgable person who might stumble across this and know. I can't ever remember seeing this dress and the wonderful way it uh...*accents*  Amanda's finer assets...*hehe*

Anyhoo- just wondering ;)

Many thanks!

P.S.- Up to season 17 with my favs...but sadly, I musta missed this one somewhere along the way...