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I knew it!

Son of a gun- I knew those new boots would come in handy! Every year for Homecoming we have "Spirit Days" the week of the game where all the kids get to dress up for a certain theme and show their school spirit. It's mostly for the high school, but we at the elementary are always up for themes and dress up, so we join in! ;) Well, Tuesday is 'Western Day'!!!! Yee-haw! Do you think they'd mind if I wore this?:

or this?:

Mmm....yeah probably ;) Guess I'll have to settle for some skinny jeans, my cowboy hat, plaid shirt and shiny new cowboy boots! But you better believe I'll be dressed like Kitty in my own mind *wink*

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty stinking excited! I'll try to post of pic of me in my full garb ;)