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Today was a good day! ;) I feel like I accomplished a lot, even if I didn't actually wake up until 10:30 this morning, haha! But, I do have a good excuse, as I spent all night, from 6pm on Saturday to 5:30am on Sunday, walking laps around a local park for Relay For Life- 12 miles in all! Then I had to teach Sunday School at 9am, and I am not a good power napper, so I just didn't go to bed- rough with a capital R! So, after attempting to catch up on sleep Sunday afternoon, I just couldn't seem to pry myself out of bed at a decent time today ;)

But- I am happy to announce that today will go down in the history of me, as the day that 2 important things happened: 1) I reached my goal of losing 70lbs! The weight loss had been pretty slow as of the last couple months, but I did finally make it. I wanted to get there before my sister's wedding, and I actually made it with 3 weeks to spare! So, I'm taking another mini-break and then gonna work toward that last 10lbs I want to lose....

And 2) I went for a jog and kept it up for 25 mins straight! If you know me well, one thing you would know is that I despise running in most forms (I used to say, I don't run unless I'm being chased, haha) so I started doing the "Couch to 5K" program just to get me on a path to adding more jogging in to my routine. I just finished week 6 with that 25 full mins, and though I def. thought I wasn't going to make it there for awhile, it feels great to say I actually did! ;) And I made it 3.1 miles, so I'm hoping if I ever to get brave enough to enter an actual 5K, that I can do it in like 40-45 mins (with some walking in there too). We shall see!!!

I also managed to clean like a mad woman in my apartment today. It needed it sooooo bad! Letting my brother live with me for the last few months has actually worked out pretty well, except that he isn't the cleanest feller and my schedule up til now had been so busy that I just let things get away from me. But now my floors are washed, my closet is cleaned out, my shower is cleaned, and so on and so on....all that's left is to vacuum like crazy, and I'm gonna tackle that tomorrow.

So all in all, today was a good day! ;) Gonna round things out with a random marathon of sorts- watching 2 DVR-ed eps of Gunsmoke and then gonna watch Singing in the Rain as I am in a Gene Kelly mood!

*Time to soak in the tub and then start my love-fest with GS and Gene K ;)