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In the words of Alice Cooper: School's out...for...summer! ;) And I'm in a much better mood for several reasons- one being the angry sunburn I somehow managed to get on JUST the back of my legs, is finally fading away. Second, my bff, that I haven't seen since Thanksgiving, is visiting from Baltimore! And finally, I got a SWEET early birthday present from my mama today! She just couldn't wait to give it to me when it came in the mail yesterday....

There's over 200 Gunsmoke trading cards and I chose 20 of my favs for the display case ;) I felt like a kid in a candy store picking them out *wink* Just thought I would share my joy! (P.S.- just disreguard my reflection in the glass that ended up in the pic- haha) 


Jun. 5th, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)
She is pretty great ;) I think she knows my obsession is here to stay since I haven't really given up on it since I was about 8- haha! Now she just indulges me *wink*

And I will totally keep the cards handy for anytime we need some challenge help! ;)