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May 1st, 2010

rainy day weekend....i'll take it

As much as I'd like to see the sun shining, I'll take a lazy Saturday with a little rain anyway ;) As far as gloomy days go, this one hasn't been too bad. Just some rain off and on, but not too much wind and really pretty decent temperatures. I'll be able to wear capri pants and sandals with a sweatshirt when I go to the movies later, and that makes me smile *wink*

I went to the gym after lunch and just got back. I started the this "Couch to 5K" program- it's an app for your itouch or iphone, and so far I highly recommend it! It is supposed to slowly build you up to a 5K by having your alternate walking and jogging for various intervals, while listening to your own music playlist. I only finished day 2 today, but so far I really like it, and I am def. not a runner at all, so that's saying something! ;) I am hoping it will kickstart my weight loss again, as I seem to be a bit stuck lately. I lost 60 lbs back in early March, and I am at about 65 or 66 down right now. Really trying to get past 70 lbs lost and maintain that by my sister's wedding in June. So, really I guess I have time, but it's just been frustrating as of late.

Well, I'm off to get out of these sweaty workout clothes and shower and get ready to go to dinner and a movie with one of my girlfriends. She just recently got back from her honeymoon, so I'm excited to see pictures ;) Then I've got about 5 recorded episodes of GS to catch up on from this busy week when I get home!

*I need a robe like Kitty's for when I get out of the bath and have gentlemen callers too! Haha!