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April 20th, 2010

Dang! Must have been busy!

Wowza! It's been awhile since I've posted anything...between weddings I've been involved in and school stuff, I just haven't had the time! Oh and did I mention I'm still obsessed with getting screencaps?! ;) Cause yep, still am *wink* SO- that's what I've been doing with my "spare" time and I haven't even gotten around to trying to manipulate or add to any of them yet, something I still don't know much about, so who knows how long that will take.....AND I've been lucky enough to be entertained and totally caught up in some great fan fic stories from the talented people over at GSO, so I'll blame them for getting me totally hooked and blissfully sidetracked as well *grin*

But anyhoo- today I randomly came across old episodes of the game show "What's My Line" on youtube and got all wrapped up in them! They had such great "mystery" guests- so many of my favorite classic actors and actresses! And all trying to disguise their voices and such....very funny! It got me thinking.....does anyone know if Amanda Blake or James Arness ever appeared on that show? And if so, anyone know where I could maybe view a clip or two??? Just a'wondering!

 Loverly Liz Taylor (Her disguised voice was HILARIOUS!)

 Betty Davis (They knew her right away!)

 Paul and Joanne (love them- so cute!)