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March 16th, 2010

3 more days!

Yep- 3 days to go til Spring Break! The kiddos are hanging in there, but I can tell they're getting restless. I bribed them with earning a movie on Friday- They have to "earn" the letters of SPRING by Friday morning to get it, and so far they've been working pretty hard at it, so fingers crossed! ;)

Anyhoo- had a pretty good day today: Finally found this OPI nail polish I have been searching for forever! "Mad as a Hatter" from their Alice in Wonderland collection- it's amazing and it was sold out everywhere! Thank goodness for my random stop at some hair place in the mall that had it- love love love it! Found some cute new heels to where with my outfit for my friend's bachelorette party this weekend- excited!  Went to Borders cause I had to buy a book for one of my students, and I browsed around the bargain section as always while I was there, hoping to score some GS related material that got tucked away over there. No such luck, sadly, but on a better note, I did find an awesome coffee table book of Elizabeth Taylor info and amazing pictures! Been enjoying it all night....while I watched a few season 4 episodes of GS just to heighten the experience *wink*

*love her cute, short, tousseled hair here!*

AND-tonight I stumbled across 2 dvds of the "Red Skelton Show", both with episodes featuring Amanda!!! Score! I had to order them, but they were a steal- now I just have to wait, ever so impatiently for them to arrive....*sigh* Hopefully they will be here sometime during my break, as I plan to binge on GS/AB related material, along with some John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara gems, and catch up on my MGM musicals as well....clearly a super productive week I have planned *hehe* I'll throw in some spring cleaning and school work while I'm at it, promise ;)

 *adore her pouty look here!*