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March 14th, 2010

And the countdown begins!

Spring Break is almost here! One thing I do love about teaching is getting that nice little week off in March- and by golly, students and teachers alike need it! ;) After all the state testing, the kids are restless and so am I, and we need a nice little reprieve from each other by now.

SO- needless to say, these last 5 days coming up are gonna be a little rough- hard to keep myself and the youngin's motivated. But I get to look forward to a whole week of quality GS viewing time and that will keep me trucking on ;) I just finished all my wonderful M&K moments DVDs- loved them of course! Now it's back to season by season viewing, starting in on season 4. And of course season 8 and 9 are on Encore Westerns right now and season 12, although a little "chopped up" for my taste, is on TVLand too, so it will be like a smorgasbord of GS for me! *loves it*

Sidenote: This afternoon I was in a Shakespearean mood, and decided to watch Kiss Me Kate and The Taming of the Shrew, starring respectively, Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I hadn't watched either one in awhile, and didn't "forget" how much I loved the movies and actors, but was just happily reminded again ;) I love when that happens. And I had a nice "Girls Night Out" last night, followed by a delicious brunch of choc. chip pancakes, and equally delicious afternoon of classic flicks, so all in all, it was a fab weekend! ;)