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March 13th, 2010

Doctor Feelgood......

Just some Saturday mid-morning musings ;).......

I just love Doc Adams these days! *wink* I've been watching M&K moments, and of all the other GS characters, Doc always strikes me as the one who most understands Matt and Kitty's relationship and really brings it out in the "open" the most. I know it's all about the subtext in this show, but just comments that he makes to them and to other characters show how he "gets" its and I think is really a champion for their love.

(entering the Long Branch) Doc: "I tell ya- it's awful nice to come in here and find everything so peacable. I'm tired."

Kitty: "Well, I run a very law abiding place!"

Doc: "Well, yes, I notice this is where the law abides most of the time!" (eyeing Matt, at Kitty's side)
*3-26-10: Discovered the dialogue is from the episode "Cherry Red", season 5. Thanks Tay! ;)