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February 22nd, 2010

It's been a long day, but....

...I just have to say that I LOVE GS and my Matt and Miss Kitty more every day and with every episode! ;) Working my way through my favs in season 12, 13, and now on to 14. Some I haven't seen in forever or have never had the pleasure of seeing (at least that I remember, since I've been watching since I was 3...memory's a little shaky from back then  *wink*) Of course Marshall Dillon is always easy on the eyes, but Amanda just always amazes me with how she can deliver a simple line or just a look and make you fall in love with her (and Kitty) all over again! Every time, without fail! *sigh*

Well, "The Favor" and "The Wreckers" rank up there among my new favs...

TF- Matt: "I know about that woman."  *melt*
I'm still a mite partial to the b&w episodes, but I do so love seeing Amanda's brilliant red hair and beautiful blue eyes in living color ;)

That's all for now...GS has made my weekend and beginning of my week so much more tolerable!