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February 17th, 2010

Just another Wednesday.....HUMP DAY ;)

Well, it's Hump Day, thank goodness! I'm already ready for this week to be o-v-e-r! I get observed by my principal at school tomorrow, last "official" one for the year- so yeehaw! Hope my 3rd graders behave themselves ;)

Got my lessons all planned out and ready for tomorrow, so I'm just relaxin on the couch before I force myself to get up and go to the gym...boo! Watching the second half of GS season 3 right now. Seeing the gorgeous Miss Kitty is a good way to motivate myself to get in shape ;) Just got my season 1 dvd set back from a friend I let borrow it a few weeks ago...before I had even watched it yet I might add! I'm so nice sometimes...haha. So, I'll be moving back to the 1st season soon- anyone have any suggestions on Matt/Kitty-centric episodes I should check out first? I'll watch all of them soon, but I like to find all my favs first and then finish out the rest ;) And thanks to a new wonderful lady I "met", I'm hopefully soon to have my collection of seasons completed....can't wait til they arrive!!! It should help me make it through the rest of this winter with my sanity in tack, to watch my Marshall & Miss Kitty from beginning to end! And in to the summer, fall, spring, and winters to come! *wink*- so here's hoping everything works out!