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As promised....

...my outfit, complete with boots and hat, for Western Day! ;) Oh, and I had my GS t-shirt on, too- duh!

My fellow teacher friend got in out the action with me. A bunch of the kids in my class dressed up too- so fun! I think we should have a dress up day of some kind every week, cause I was in a much better mood this week when I got to sport a new look, haha!

Sidebar- my fantasy football team, "The Dodge City Long Branch Kittys", are 2-0! I think it's because Miss K would have know how to handle football players just as well as cowboys ;) Here's hoping I continue the winning streak this week!

I knew it!

Son of a gun- I knew those new boots would come in handy! Every year for Homecoming we have "Spirit Days" the week of the game where all the kids get to dress up for a certain theme and show their school spirit. It's mostly for the high school, but we at the elementary are always up for themes and dress up, so we join in! ;) Well, Tuesday is 'Western Day'!!!! Yee-haw! Do you think they'd mind if I wore this?:

or this?:

Mmm....yeah probably ;) Guess I'll have to settle for some skinny jeans, my cowboy hat, plaid shirt and shiny new cowboy boots! But you better believe I'll be dressed like Kitty in my own mind *wink*

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty stinking excited! I'll try to post of pic of me in my full garb ;)

Whoa Nellie!

Holy cow! It has been a looooooonnnnnggg while since I have updated anyone on my life! ;) Not that I have anyone just chomping at the bit to hear what’s up with me, but sometimes it’s therapeutic to just ramble, so I’m going to try to be better about keeping up- starting right now ;)

So let’s play some catch- up! Basically my summer just flew by! My sister got married and moved to South Carolina, which was crazy in and of itself. And now she and her husband will be moving to Connecticut sometime in November, which is fun because I have never been there and I’d love to visit the east coast more!

In July I headed to Indianapolis to do some remodeling work for a missions trip with my church. We were there for about a week and it was great to get to hang out with friends and feel like we were accomplishing some great things at the same time. We did a lot of work and they fed us ridiculously well, so it didn’t help out my diet at all! ;)

At the end of July I made the annual trip with my family to Estes Park, Colorado. We have been there 8 times now and I NEVER get tired of it! This year a teacher friend of mine came along for the trek, so she was exposed to the craziness that can be my family of 11 for a whole 10 days- she fit right in ;) And being 65lbs lighter this year, I finally attempted to do some serious hiking while we were there. We did a pretty decent 4-mile hike on Twin Sisters. It was a great feeling of accomplishment when I reached the top and didn’t feel like I was completely dying! Haha! But on the way down it totally cut loose and poured rain and then hailed on us! Despite all that it was still an enjoyable experience.

Sadly, July also brought the loss of my grandpa, “Pops”. He was 88 years old and very lively and full of life, so it was quite a shock. But he passed away at home, in his overalls and “farmer hat”, up and working and ready to start the day, and he wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’ll miss him terribly, but I’ll think of him every single time I watch Gunsmoke or even think of Matt and Kitty, or any of the other wonderful characters, because he introduced me to them all! It was something that we both shared a love for and I’ll always think of him as my own version of John Wayne or Marshall Dillon- strong men of character and integrity

With August and September came the start of school of course and so my new crop of third graders have been keeping me very busy! I also joined a fantasy football league for the first time ever and since the season officially started yesterday (yay!) I’m sure that will be one more thing to occupy my time. FYI, my team name is “The Dodge City Long Branch Kittys”, so if anyone has any suggestions for slogans or mascot pictures, let me know- I’m looking to make a t-shirt for my team and I am very open to suggestions! *wink*

Finally for tonight’s entry ;)- I spent the weekend in Nashville, TN on a random trip with my mom and 3 of my brothers to visit some family. We had a great time and my only regret is that I was unaware that there was a Reba McEntire/George Strait concert going on there on Saturday that I totally missed! I adore Reba and had I known we were going to be there earlier I would have def. done all I could to score some tickets to that show! But, luckily I did end up with 2 fabulous pairs of cowboy boots out of the trip! I have never owned a pair before but I have been searching for some for quite awhile. I went to a great shop on Broadway downtown and found these 2 pairs that I just love! And they were a killer deal on a great brand, so I just couldn’t pass them up! ;) I absolutely can’t wait to wear them!!! So, I’ll end with a picture of me and my new “toys”- I’ll let you know when I find the perfect outfit to debut them with! ;)

What a whirlwind couple of weeks I have coming up- couldn't be more excited and yet freak out more at the same time! Haha!

My little sis is getting married in like 12 days! Can't believe it! So we're running around putting the final touches on the wedding this week. She also happens to be moving to South Carolina (followed by a move to Florida shortly after) so I am helping her pack up a car load of her things and drive them down to SC on Friday. I'm not looking forward to the 15 hour drive, but I am super excited to head to a part of the country I've never visited before and spend a few days on the beach ;) And it should give us girls and my brother (who is tagging along as well to help with the move) some fond memories to look back on before she leaves us and lives so far away...*sigh*

But we won't be getting back home until early next Thursday which leaves VERY little time before the wedding on that Saturday. Then after the big day, I leave 2 days later to help on a missions trip my church is sending us on for a week. Packing and unpacking like a crazy person and many long hours in a car makes for an interesting summer I suppose ;) I'm gonna owe my good pal KS some serious giftage for watching my place for me during all this time...hehe!

Here's to adventure!


Today was a good day! ;) I feel like I accomplished a lot, even if I didn't actually wake up until 10:30 this morning, haha! But, I do have a good excuse, as I spent all night, from 6pm on Saturday to 5:30am on Sunday, walking laps around a local park for Relay For Life- 12 miles in all! Then I had to teach Sunday School at 9am, and I am not a good power napper, so I just didn't go to bed- rough with a capital R! So, after attempting to catch up on sleep Sunday afternoon, I just couldn't seem to pry myself out of bed at a decent time today ;)

But- I am happy to announce that today will go down in the history of me, as the day that 2 important things happened: 1) I reached my goal of losing 70lbs! The weight loss had been pretty slow as of the last couple months, but I did finally make it. I wanted to get there before my sister's wedding, and I actually made it with 3 weeks to spare! So, I'm taking another mini-break and then gonna work toward that last 10lbs I want to lose....

And 2) I went for a jog and kept it up for 25 mins straight! If you know me well, one thing you would know is that I despise running in most forms (I used to say, I don't run unless I'm being chased, haha) so I started doing the "Couch to 5K" program just to get me on a path to adding more jogging in to my routine. I just finished week 6 with that 25 full mins, and though I def. thought I wasn't going to make it there for awhile, it feels great to say I actually did! ;) And I made it 3.1 miles, so I'm hoping if I ever to get brave enough to enter an actual 5K, that I can do it in like 40-45 mins (with some walking in there too). We shall see!!!

I also managed to clean like a mad woman in my apartment today. It needed it sooooo bad! Letting my brother live with me for the last few months has actually worked out pretty well, except that he isn't the cleanest feller and my schedule up til now had been so busy that I just let things get away from me. But now my floors are washed, my closet is cleaned out, my shower is cleaned, and so on and so on....all that's left is to vacuum like crazy, and I'm gonna tackle that tomorrow.

So all in all, today was a good day! ;) Gonna round things out with a random marathon of sorts- watching 2 DVR-ed eps of Gunsmoke and then gonna watch Singing in the Rain as I am in a Gene Kelly mood!

*Time to soak in the tub and then start my love-fest with GS and Gene K ;)


In the words of Alice Cooper: School's out...for...summer! ;) And I'm in a much better mood for several reasons- one being the angry sunburn I somehow managed to get on JUST the back of my legs, is finally fading away. Second, my bff, that I haven't seen since Thanksgiving, is visiting from Baltimore! And finally, I got a SWEET early birthday present from my mama today! She just couldn't wait to give it to me when it came in the mail yesterday....

There's over 200 Gunsmoke trading cards and I chose 20 of my favs for the display case ;) I felt like a kid in a candy store picking them out *wink* Just thought I would share my joy! (P.S.- just disreguard my reflection in the glass that ended up in the pic- haha) 

Summer break is almost here.....

...so why am I in such a funk lately?! Stuff has been so busy at school, it seemed like it would never end and yet the days flew by too quickly for me to get everything done that I wanted to. I've been helping my sister plan her wedding and dealing with the serious depression issues of my other beloved little sis. And in between I feel like there has been no time for me to catch up on what needs to be done in my life. I just hate feeling like I can't be there and do everything I want to for those I love, and then feel guilty that I'm also regretting not having any time for myself. It's a total no win situation :(

I keep telling myself that once summer break gets here I'll be able to settle down and fit everything in in my leisure time, but I'm starting to panic a little just the same. Which leads to me lamenting all the other "woes" in my life, like my 27th birthday quickly approaching, as a still single woman, trying to pay off my credit card debt and lose these stupid last 2.5 lbs! Aarrgh! 

Well, enough of the self pity, right? I did enjoy a nice long weekend with my family and just a little GS time, though not as much as I'd like, but there hardly ever is as much as I'd like of M&K ;) Spent a few great hours in the sun at my parents' pool the last few days which helped to clear my mind a little...

Despite anything I feel I may be dealing with right now, nothing compares to the great sacrifices of all the men and women who have served and are serving in our military to keep our great country safe and protected! And though words will never be enough, on this Memorial Day and every day in between I wish to say- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU with all my heart!!!!

***feeling a bit worn down, but determined...

rainy day weekend....i'll take it

As much as I'd like to see the sun shining, I'll take a lazy Saturday with a little rain anyway ;) As far as gloomy days go, this one hasn't been too bad. Just some rain off and on, but not too much wind and really pretty decent temperatures. I'll be able to wear capri pants and sandals with a sweatshirt when I go to the movies later, and that makes me smile *wink*

I went to the gym after lunch and just got back. I started the this "Couch to 5K" program- it's an app for your itouch or iphone, and so far I highly recommend it! It is supposed to slowly build you up to a 5K by having your alternate walking and jogging for various intervals, while listening to your own music playlist. I only finished day 2 today, but so far I really like it, and I am def. not a runner at all, so that's saying something! ;) I am hoping it will kickstart my weight loss again, as I seem to be a bit stuck lately. I lost 60 lbs back in early March, and I am at about 65 or 66 down right now. Really trying to get past 70 lbs lost and maintain that by my sister's wedding in June. So, really I guess I have time, but it's just been frustrating as of late.

Well, I'm off to get out of these sweaty workout clothes and shower and get ready to go to dinner and a movie with one of my girlfriends. She just recently got back from her honeymoon, so I'm excited to see pictures ;) Then I've got about 5 recorded episodes of GS to catch up on from this busy week when I get home!

*I need a robe like Kitty's for when I get out of the bath and have gentlemen callers too! Haha!

Dang! Must have been busy!

Wowza! It's been awhile since I've posted anything...between weddings I've been involved in and school stuff, I just haven't had the time! Oh and did I mention I'm still obsessed with getting screencaps?! ;) Cause yep, still am *wink* SO- that's what I've been doing with my "spare" time and I haven't even gotten around to trying to manipulate or add to any of them yet, something I still don't know much about, so who knows how long that will take.....AND I've been lucky enough to be entertained and totally caught up in some great fan fic stories from the talented people over at GSO, so I'll blame them for getting me totally hooked and blissfully sidetracked as well *grin*

But anyhoo- today I randomly came across old episodes of the game show "What's My Line" on youtube and got all wrapped up in them! They had such great "mystery" guests- so many of my favorite classic actors and actresses! And all trying to disguise their voices and such....very funny! It got me thinking.....does anyone know if Amanda Blake or James Arness ever appeared on that show? And if so, anyone know where I could maybe view a clip or two??? Just a'wondering!

 Loverly Liz Taylor (Her disguised voice was HILARIOUS!)

 Betty Davis (They knew her right away!)

 Paul and Joanne (love them- so cute!)

Oh sweet addiction!

Dear laptop,

Sweet Jesus, how I love you right now and your simple "snipping" tool! However did I survived before I discovered I was able to so easily capture every lingering, smoldering gaze on the marshall and his woman's faces, Matt's crinkled smile, and gorgeous Miss Kitty's beautiful, laughing looks? ;) Please continue to function quickly and correctly so that I may continue to do so and stay blissful contented.

P.S.- Sorry about the incredibly large amount of pictures now taking up space in the "Gunsmoke" file on your hard drive ;)

xoxo- Me


Sooooo- obvioulsy I am continuing to enjoy gathering screen caps for my personal collection now that I have discovered an easy way to do so. So far I have only gone through a few of my favorite episodes from season 7 and 8 (courtesy of my Netflix access), 10 eps I think, and I love so many of the scenes I've been able to capture. I wish I was more creative so I could create an icon or manip or something with them! Cause a few of them are just begging for it! ;) Here are a few of my favs. If you like, feel free to 'steal' em and use them in a better way than I can! I'm thinking of uploading them to my scrapbook page if anyone is interested.

 *Isn't this just beggin' for a "thought bubble" of some kind? ;)

 * Got so many great shots of the love birds! This is just the tip of the ice berg! ;)

 *Amanda's face is so full of expression. Such a range of emotions for Kitty!

 * Got this one in a transition shot and I thought it was really cool.

And I'm only like 10 episodes in?! What am I gonna do when I start going through my DVDs too? Sheesh! ;) At least I'll have fun doing it and getting to watch them scroll by on my screensaver! Yeah!